Wednesday, November 01, 2006

IQs Corner Headlines from the brain and mind blogsphere 11-1-06

All the news thats fit for IQs Corner readers:

This is the 8th installment of IQs Corner Headlines from the Brain and Mind Blogsphere

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

We have been posting all throughout the week, in our new URL, but your headline service didn't pick them up. Probably not updated-sorry for the inconvenience.

You may enjoy the one on ADD/ ADHD, based on last week's CHADD. You have a great post too, will have to read it in more detail.

Kevin McGrew said...

Alvaro...thanks for the note. I need to change the RSS feed on my headline service and will do that now. My posts have been down this week as I've been very busy with other projects.