Wednesday, November 15, 2006

IQs Corner blog receives Wiki recogntion

During the past week I've noticed, via the site stats for IQs Corner, a significant up-tick in "hits" to this humble blog. I'd like to believe this is due, in part, to folks spreading the word to others. However, in looking at the site counter details, I've noticed that many of these new visitors have been directed to this blog from Wikipedia.

This happened once before when some nice soul listed IQs Corner under the external links section of the Wikipedia topic on "Intelligence". The new flurry of Wiki-based referrals is due to IQs Corner now being listed under the Wiki topic of the "Intelligent Quotient".

Couple these two events with the nice mention in Scientific American: Mind, and I'm giddy...and, yes, doing a little brogging (blog bragging) today.

Again, I'd like to thank whomever these Wiki-contributors are. These forms of external validation are what keep me going...they tell me that I must be doing something right and that folks are finding this blog informative and useful.

I shall continue. I appreciate the continued support of others.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kevin!

Kevin McGrew said...

Thanks Alvaro.