Thursday, November 09, 2006

IQs Corner being remodeled

Regular readers of this humble blog will note that it now has a completely new look and feel. The folks at Blogger offered a way to upgrade old blogs to incorporate new features. I decided to take the jump, and in the process, also give IQs Corner a new look and feel.

Be patient as I continue with this remodeling.

The feature I'm most excited about is the "Labels" section. This section will allow users to quickly locate all posts at IQs Corner that deal with a specific index for the blog. The problem I now have is going back and inserting these labels in all the posts. I've started on it today and plan to stick with it until I get all, or almost all, of my posts so categorized. I think this is I will take the time. It will decrease my time to post new material, but I think it will be worth the time and effort.

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