Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Reynold's Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) archive 6-5-12

There have been a number of threads about the RIAS on a couple of listservs in the past year. It happened again today on a neuropsych related listserv. Dr. Cecil Reynolds generously shared 11 different files (book chapters, reviews, a PPT module, articles) related to the RIAS with this particular listserv. I offered to make this post, with a link to all these manuscripts, so that Dr. Reynolds and others would not have to repeat this "request-for-information/send attachment" cycle on listservs.

With Dr. Reynold's permission I have taken all the documents he shared with this particular listserv, added in two additional RIAS related journal article in my archive system, and have put them in a large single zip file that can be downloaded by clicking here. Readers will need to download the file and then unzip it on their hard drive to access all documents.

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