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Psychological Assessment - Volume 24, Issue 2

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Generalizability of evidence-based assessment recommendations for pediatric bipolar disorder.
Page 269-281
Jenkins, Melissa M.; Youngstrom, Eric A.; Youngstrom, Jennifer Kogos; Feeny, Norah C.; Findling, Robert L.

Agreement of informants on emotional and behavioral problems from childhood to adulthood.
Page 293-300
van der Ende, Jan; Verhulst, Frank C.; Tiemeier, Henning

Psychometric evaluation of the Fear of Positive Evaluation Scale in patients with social anxiety disorder.
Page 301-312
Weeks, Justin W.; Heimberg, Richard G.; Rodebaugh, Thomas L.; Goldin, Philippe R.; Gross, James J.

Multicultural Mastery Scale for Youth: Multidimensional assessment of culturally mediated coping strategies.
Page 313-327
Fok, Carlotta Ching Ting; Allen, James; Henry, David; Mohatt, Gerald V.

WAIS-IV subtest covariance structure: Conceptual and statistical considerations.
Page 328-340
Ward, L. Charles; Bergman, Maria A.; Hebert, Katina R.

Portability of a screener for pediatric bipolar disorder to a diverse setting.
Page 341-351
Freeman, Andrew J.; Youngstrom, Eric A.; Frazier, Thomas W.; Youngstrom, Jennifer Kogos; Demeter, Christine; Findling, Robert L.

Some supplementary methods for the analysis of the RBANS.
Page 365-374
Crawford, John R.; Garthwaite, Paul H.; Morrice, Nicola; Duff, Kevin

Assessing psychological inflexibility: The psychometric properties of the Avoidance and Fusion Questionnaire for Youth in two adult samples.
Page 402-408
Fergus, Thomas A.; Valentiner, David P.; Gillen, Michael J.; Hiraoka, Regina; Twohig, Michael P.; Abramowitz, Jonathan S.; McGrath, Patrick B.

Executive function in early childhood: Longitudinal measurement invariance and developmental change.
Page 418-431
Willoughby, Michael T.; Wirth, R. J.; Blair, Clancy B.

The Personality Psychopathology—Five (PSY–5): Recent constructive replication and assessment literature review.
Page 432-443
Harkness, Allan R.; Finn, Jacob A.; McNulty, John L.; Shields, Susan M.

Item analysis and differential item functioning of a brief conduct problem screen.
Page 444-454
Wu, Johnny; King, Kevin M.; Witkiewitz, Katie; Racz, Sarah Jensen; McMahon, Robert J.

Construct validity and case validity in assessment.
Page 464-475
Teglasi, Hedwig; Nebbergall, Allison Joan; Newman, Daniel

The youth form of the Motivators of and Barriers to Health-Smart Behaviors Inventory.
Page 490-502
Tucker, Carolyn M.; Rice, Kenneth G.; Desmond, Frederic F.; Hou, Wei; Kaye, Lillian B.; Smith, Tasia M.

Psychometric characteristics of the Emotional Quotient Inventory, Youth Version, Short Form, in Hungarian high school students.
Page 518-523
Kun, Bernadette; Urbán, Róbert; Paksi, Borbála; Csóbor, Lujza Vargáné; Oláh, Attila; Demetrovics, Zsolt

Field validity of the Psychopathy Checklist–Revised in sex offender risk assessment.
Page 524-529
Murrie, Daniel C.; Boccaccini, Marcus T.; Caperton, Jennifer; Rufino, Katrina

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