Tuesday, June 12, 2012

European Journal of Psychological Assessment - Volume 28, Issue 3

European Journal of Psychological Assessment Volume 28, Issue 3,

Perceptual and cognitive assessment.
Page 161-163
Schweizer, Karl; Neubauer, Aljoscha C.

Measuring working memory capacity with automated complex span tasks.
Page 164-171
Redick, Thomas S.; Broadway, James M.; Meier, Matt E.; Kuriakose, Princy S.; Unsworth, Nash; Kane, Michael J.; Engle, Randall W.

The web version of the Exchange Test: Description and psychometric properties.
Page 181-189
Schreiner, Michael; Altmeyer, Michael; Schweizer, Karl

Perceptual underconfidence: A conceptual illusion?
Page 190-200
Stankov, Lazar; Pallier, Gerry; Danthiir, Vanessa; Morony, Suzanne

Detection of sex differential item functioning in the Cornell Critical Thinking Test.
Page 201-207
French, Brian F.; Hand, Brian; Therrien, William J.; Valdivia Vazquez, Juan Antonio

Combining cognitive and personality measures of impulse control in the assessment of childhood ADHD.
Page 208-215
Rauch, Wolfgang A.; Gold, Andreas; Schmitt, Kathrin

Assessment of processing capacity: Reasoning in Latin square tasks in a population of managers.
Page 216-226
Birney, Damian P.; Bowman, David B.; Beckmann, Jens F.; Seah, Yuan Zhi

Measurement of metacognitive knowledge of self, task, and strategies in mathematics.
Page 227-239
Efklides, Anastasia; Vlachopoulos, Symeon P.

How much do we know about our own cognitive control? Self-report and performance measures of executive functions.
Page 240-247
Nęcka, Edward; Lech, Bogumiła; Sobczyk, Natalia; Śmieja, Magdalena

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