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Psychometrika, Vol. 77, Issue 3 - New Issue Alert

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Tuesday, June 5

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In this issue:
A Composite Likelihood Inference in Latent Variable Models for Ordinal Longitudinal Responses
Vassilis G. S. Vasdekis, Silvia Cagnone & Irini Moustaki
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Exploratory Bi-factor Analysis: The Oblique Case
Robert I. Jennrich & Peter M. Bentler
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The Heteroscedastic Graded Response Model with a Skewed Latent Trait: Testing Statistical and Substantive Hypotheses Related to Skewed Item Category Functions
Dylan Molenaar, Conor V. Dolan & Paul de Boeck
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An Isotonic Partial Credit Model for Ordering Subjects on the Basis of Their Sum Scores
Rudy Ligtvoet
Abstract    Full text PDF

Multidimensional CAT Item Selection Methods for Domain Scores and Composite Scores: Theory and Applications
Lihua Yao
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Functional Extended Redundancy Analysis
Heungsun Hwang, Hye Won Suk, Jang-Han Lee, D. S. Moskowitz & Jooseop Lim
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Confidence Bounds and Power for the Reliability of Observational Measures on the Quality of a Social Setting
Yongyun Shin & Stephen W. Raudenbush
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Using the Criterion-Predictor Factor Model to Compute the Probability of Detecting Prediction Bias with Ordinary Least Squares Regression
Steven Andrew Culpepper
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Two-Step Bayesian Approach for Propensity Score Analysis: Simulations and Case Study
David Kaplan & Jianshen Chen
Abstract    Full text PDF

Erratum to: A Two-Step Bayesian Approach for Propensity Score Analysis: Simulations and Case Study
David Kaplan & Jianshen Chen
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Book Review
J.M. HILBE (2011) Negative Binomial Regression, second edition.
Timothy R. Johnson
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H. YANAI, K. TAKEUCHI, & Y. TAKANE (2011) Projection Matrices, Generalized Inverse Matrices, and Singular Value Decomposition.
Jos M. F. ten Berge
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