Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Psychological Methods - Volume 17, Issue 2

Another one for my quantoid readers

On effect size.
Page 137-152
Kelley, Ken; Preacher, Kristopher J.

An SEM approach to continuous time modeling of panel data: Relating authoritarianism and anomia.
Page 176-192
Voelkle, Manuel C.; Oud, Johan H. L.; Davidov, Eldad; Schmidt, Peter

A comparison of methods for estimating quadratic effects in nonlinear structural equation models.
Page 193-214
Harring, Jeffrey R.; Weiss, Brandi A.; Hsu, Jui-Chen

How to measure diversity when you must.
Page 215-227
Budescu, David V.; Budescu, Mia

Estimating the causal effect of randomization versus treatment preference in a doubly randomized preference trial.
Page 244-254
Marcus, Sue M.; Stuart, Elizabeth A.; Wang, Pei; Shadish, William R.; Steiner, Peter M.

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