Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CHC intelligence theory and assessment timeline revision - working draft

I'm busy revising the CHC Timeline that is part of the CHC Timeline project.  This project was an outgrowth of my 2005 CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future chapter (click here and here to view).  I am now revising it as I need to revise that chapter (together with a colleague--Dr. Joel Schneider) and plan to include this revised (and less detailed) version as a figure in the chapter.

Below is a copy of the figure.  A web page version is available here (note - the timeline does not accurately and fully display all features in all browsers, and you may need to "zoom" in with your browser to see all details).  I believe that one can enlarge the figure below by clicking on it - but no promises.  If all else fails, the best option would be to view the PDF version.

All of the events listed will be described in greater detail in the chapter...so I know it is hard to evaluate the timeline without knowing what detailed information is subsumed by each event marker on the timeline.  With that understanding, I would appreciate any feedback regarding important events that my have been overlooked--as well as any other constructive feedback.  I final version will be posted when it is finished.

I would particularly encourage feedback on the CHC listserv.

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