Sunday, January 30, 2011

Research Byte: Cognitive neuroscience 2.0

Excellent overview article explaining meta-analysis of brain imaging studies .As per usual when I make a research byte/brief post, if anyone would like to read the original article, I can share via email---with the understanding that the article is provided in exchange for a brief guest post about it's contents. :) (contact me at if interested). Also, if figure/images are included in the post, they can usually be made larger by clicking on the image.

Yarkoni, T., Poldrack, R. A., VanEssen, D. C., & Wager, T. D. (2010). Cognitive neuroscience 2.0: building a cumulative science of human brain function. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 14(11), 489-496.


Cognitive neuroscientists increasingly recognize that continued progress in understanding human brain function will require not only the acquisition of new data, but also the synthesis and integration of data across studies and laboratories. Here we review ongoing efforts to develop a more cumulative science of human brain function. We discuss the rationale for an increased focus on formal synthesis of the cognitive neuroscience literature, provide an overview of recently developed tools and platforms designed to facilitate the sharing and integration of neuroimaging data, and conclude with a discussion of several emerging developments that hold even greater promise in advancing the study of human brain function.
Article Outline

Science by synthesis
The rationale
Most neuroimaging studies are underpowered
False positive results are prevalent
Direct replication is uncommon
Selective association is difficult to establish
Formal structure is needed
The methods
Data aggregation, atlasing and sharing
Ontology development
The future
Greater automation and standardization of data reporting and processing
Images, not foci
Open cognitive neuroscience
Concluding remarks

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