Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hot and cold CHC intelligence abilities--Gf,Gc,Gv hot--Ga,Glr cold

Interesting article in the journal Intelligence reviewing the state-of-the-art of factor analysis practices for identifying the g (general intelligence) factors. Abstract is below. Of interest is the use of the CHC framework to classify the type of broad CHC factor indicators found in the research synthesis.

Not unexpectedly, Gf, Gc, and Gv were found most often in IQ factor analysis research, followed by Gq, Gs and Gsm. Abilities that appear underrepresented in IQ factor analysis g research are the domains of Glr and Ga.

However, a couple of major caveats. The literature review was primarily adult samples. There has been considerable factor analysis activity with tests in childhood and adolescent samples that might increase the proportion of Glr and Ga indicators. Also, the authors did not include journals favored by those doing research in school psychology, special education, and speech and language---fields of study that most likely have published more studies in the under-represented CHC domains.

Never-the-less......the general trends are not surprising.

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