Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cattell-Horn-Cattell (CHC) Intelligence Theory Timeline Project

I've been busy taking information from my Cattell-Horn-Carroll CHC (Gf-Gc) Theory:  Past, Present & Future book chapter (in Flanagan & Harrison, 2005 CIA book) and putting it together in a piece of professional timeline software (Timeline Maker).  The software is "way cool" as it allows me to embed hyperlinks to files, images, web pages, etc.  Then, I can use the software, when making presentations, and bring events in one-at-a-time.  AND, at each event there are icons that serve as menus to files, images, etc. that I can "bring up" for viewing and discussion.  I've been embedding the timeline with all kinds of historical images, original classic articles (e.g., Spearman, Thurstone, Cattell, etc.) as well as more recent CHC-related articles.  The idea is for a timeline-based working and breathing educational tool....a timeline-based book chapter if you please.

At this point in time the software allows me to output a web page....but the icon-based hyperlinks don't work (darn).  There is a possible "work around" I'm exploring (which would require a person to download a huge zip file and use the free Timeline Maker Preview program), which would allow people to have all the material on their HD for viewing--but I'm not ready to make that available just yet.

So....for can view the completed Evolution of CHC Intelligence Theory and Assessment web page ( only is viewable when using Internet Explorer.  I use Mozilla as my browsser and it won't view.....%%$$#$$##).  You will see the various icons that are not active.

Also, I've exported the timeline and put it together with the "notes" from each event...a combined web image/table document.  This is a PDF file that can be downloaded by clicking here.  I added a small number of the embedded images that are available from the working clickable version to the end of the document....just the basics.

Feedback would be appreciated.  The long-term goal is to find a way to make this accessible on-line to others (free) for education and training purposes.  My intent is to add new material and update it on a regular basis.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates...or, subscribe to the CHC listserv for upates re: the projet.

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