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iPost: Neuropsychology - Online First Publications & Volume 25, Issue 1

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Neurocognitive signs in prodromal Huntington disease.
Page 1-14
Stout, Julie C.; Paulsen, Jane S.; Queller, Sarah; Solomon, Andrea C.; Whitlock, Kathryn B.; Campbell, J. Colin; Carlozzi, Noelle; Duff, Kevin; Beglinger, Leigh J.; Langbehn, Douglas R.; Johnson, Shannon A.; Biglan, Kevin M.; Aylward, Elizabeth H.

Recovery of time estimation following moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.
Page 36-44
Anderson, Jonathan W.; Schmitter-Edgecombe, Maureen

Deficits in emotional and social cognition in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Page 53-65
Girardi, Alessandra; MacPherson, Sarah E.; Abrahams, Sharon

Neuromotor outcomes at school age after extremely low birth weight: Early detection of subtle signs.
Page 66-75
Gidley Larson, Jennifer C.; Baron, Ida Sue; Erickson, Kristine; Ahronovich, Margot D.; Baker, Robin; Litman, Fern R.

Enhanced facilitation of spatial attention in schizophrenia.
Page 76-85
Spencer, Kevin M.; Nestor, Paul G.; Valdman, Olga; Niznikiewicz, Margaret A.; Shenton, Martha E.; McCarley, Robert W.

Altered probabilistic learning and response biases in schizophrenia: Behavioral evidence and neurocomputational modeling.
Page 86-97
Waltz, James A.; Frank, Michael J.; Wiecki, Thomas V.; Gold, James M.

Multimodal cuing of autobiographical memory in semantic dementia.
Page 98-104
Greenberg, Daniel L.; Ogar, Jennifer M.; Viskontas, Indre V.; Gorno Tempini, Maria Luisa; Miller, Bruce; Knowlton, Barbara J.

Naming from definition, semantic relevance and feature type: The effects of aging and Alzheimer's disease.
Page 105-113
Marques, J. Frederico; Cappa, Stefano F.; Sartori, Giuseppe

Verbal memory in drug-naive, newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease. The retrieval deficit hypothesis revisited.
Page 114-124
Brønnick, Kolbjørn; Alves, Guido; Aarsland, Dag; Tysnes, Ole-Bjørn; Larsen, Jan Petter

Subjective cognitive complaints and longitudinal changes in memory and brain function.
Page 125-130
Hohman, Timothy J.; Beason-Held, Lori L.; Lamar, Melissa; Resnick, Susan M.

Specific impairments of emotion perception in multiple sclerosis.
Page 131-136
Phillips, Louise H.; Henry, Julie D.; Scott, Clare; Summers, Fiona; Whyte, Maggie; Cook, Moira

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