Thursday, February 25, 2010

PAR assessment related iPhone App.

Description from PAR web page.

The PAR Assessment Toolkit was created to provide assistance to psychologists, mental health workers, and anyone else who administers standardized assessments. This toolkit features several helpful tools such as:

• Normal curve - an illustration of a standard bell curve is included for use in discussion with patients or other professionals
• Conversion chart - included to provide an error-free means of converting between t-scores, z-scores, percentiles, and standard score.
• Age Calculator - save valuable time while guaranteeing accuracy with the age calculator. Just input the individual’s date of birth and receive their age in years, months, days.
• Mental Age - input an individual’s current age and IQ score and receive their mental age.
• Stopwatch - included is a stopwatch that assists monitoring timed assessments or performance tasks by counting up or counting down.
• Date Calculator - many states and school districts have laws mandating how many days a psychologist has before a referral must be seen. Calculate the end date and never worry about incompliance through miscalculation.

These useful tools will save you time and effort, and in the end empower you to focus your time and energy on more important details. We have provided this app free of charge to further assist our Customers as well as continue our mission of Creating Connections. Changing Lives.

Look for future applications from PAR to assist your professional career in assessment.


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