Wednesday, February 03, 2010

iAbstract: Modeling of traits in test construction

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Some guidelines concerning the modeling of traits and abilities in test construction.
By Schweizer, Karl
European Journal of Psychological Assessment. Vol 26(1),2010, 1-2.
Over the last few years the majority of authors who submitted manuscripts for publication in European Journal of Psychological Assessment selected confirmatory factor analysis as their method for test construction. This is a very agreeable development. Confirmatory factor analysis is based on a well-developed model of measurement that is closely linked to the corresponding model of the covariance matrix. As a consequence, parameter estimation occurs in close agreement with the model of measurement as well as with the model of the covariance matrix. One very useful property of this method is that the model must provide a complete account for the variances and covariances of the items. This way, structural deviations from the basic assumptions of a model become apparent if the items of a prospective measure show other properties than the expected ones. Unfortunately, many submissions reporting the results of confirmatory factor analysis are deficient in one way or the other, so that some guidelines in modeling traits and abilities in test construction may prove helpful for future submissions. 

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