Wednesday, February 24, 2010

iPost: Rehabilitation Psychology - Volume 55, Issue 1

 Rehabilitation Psychology - Volume 55, Issue 1

A new issue is available for the following Educational Publishing Foundation journal:

Rehabilitation Psychology

Volume 55, Issue 1

Psychopathology and resilience following traumatic injury: A latent growth mixture model analysis.
Page 1-11
deRoon-Cassini, Terri A.; Mancini, Anthony D.; Rusch, Mark D.; Bonanno, George A.
Resilience and indicators of adjustment during rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury.
Page 23-32
White, Brian; Driver, Simon; Warren, Ann Marie
Change in positive emotion and recovery of functional status following stroke.
Page 33-39
Seale, Gary S.; Berges, Ivonne-Marie; Ottenbacher, Kenneth J.; Ostir, Glenn V.
Positive psychological variables in the prediction of life satisfaction after spinal cord injury.
Page 40-47
Kortte, Kathleen B.; Gilbert, Mac; Gorman, Peter; Wegener, Stephen T.
Clinically significant behavior problems during the initial 18 months following early childhood traumatic brain injury.
Page 48-57
Chapman, Leah A.; Wade, Shari L.; Walz, Nicolay C.; Taylor, H. Gerry; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Keith O.
Girls with spinal cord injury: Social and job-related participation and psychosocial outcomes.
Page 58-67
Gorzkowski, Julie A.; Kelly, Erin H.; Klaas, Sara J.; Vogel, Lawrence C.
Psychosocial predictors of employment status among men living with spinal cord injury.
Page 81-90
Burns, Shaun Michael; Boyd, Briana L.; Hill, Justin; Hough, Sigmund

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