Thursday, February 25, 2010

Innovative WJ III NU based "Compositator" interpretative software unveiled at NASP next week

Check it out at NASP convention next week.  A must see innovative intelligence test interpretation software system-- the Compositator soon to be available for FREE from WMF Press.  Dr. Joel Schneider has pushed the edge of the envelope for innovative IQ-test interpretation software.
Poster Session 2010

Tuesday March 2, 2010

Hyatt Regency Chicago,
Chicago, IL

Poster #22
Previously Impossible Feats of Interpretation and Explanation with the Cognitive and Achievement Data

W. Joel Schneider & Renée M. Tobin
Illinois State University


Traditionally, assessment professionals have placed great emphasis on discrepancies between cognitive and academic performance. More recently, finding explanations for these discrepancies has been emphasized (i.e., identifying cognitive processing deficits that are plausible causes of low academic performance). Often these deficits are identified without statistically defensible methods. In this poster, trainers will be shown new methods to explore previously impossible-to-test hypotheses about plausible causes of an individual’s academic problems using a free, downloadable software program called the Compositator. This new software uses multiple regression and path analysis, allowing the user to glean more information from WJ-III (and other) assessment data than was previously possible. Participants will be shown how to create custom composite scores so that all assessment data can be used more efficiently and reliably. More importantly, participants will be shown how to use this software as an informative teaching tool. That is, the use of this software is especially helpful for trainers interested in teaching state-of-the-art assessment methodology and interpretation. It will allow trainers to teach students defensible methods of providing parents and teachers with more plausible and precise explanations of an individual’s academic performance. With these better explanations, this program will also allow for better intervention planning.

Conflict of interest disclosure:  I am a coauthor of the WJ III which serves as basis of this prototype software system.  However, the program is FREE

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