Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WMF Press: CHC cognitive profiles of gifted report (Margulies & Floyd, 2009)

Researchers focusing on cognitive assessment research, particularly that focused on CHC theory and assessment, should take a peak at a new publication outlet for quicker dissemination of research results (which the authors retain the copyright for possible publication in professional journals).

"The WMF Press™ publishes professional research and theory articles of interest to professionals in cognitive ability assessment. The on-line publication of these papers is a professional contribution of the Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation; there is no download fee."  Additional information regarding WMF Press can be found at the above link.  The first research bulletin has just been published.

  • Margulies, A. S., & Floyd, R. G. (2009). A Preliminary Examination of the CHC Cognitive Ability Profiles of Children with High IQ and High Academic Achievement Enrolled in Services for Intellectual Giftedness
WMF Press also publishes specially designed cognitive and neuropsychological related free software.

Conflict of interest disclosure - I am the WMF Research Director, but make $0 on the downloading of any of these manuscripts and/or software.

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