Thursday, November 05, 2009

Journal of Educational Psychology - Volume 101, Issue 4

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Journal of Educational Psychology

Volume 101, Issue 4

Predicting reading comprehension in early elementary school: The independent contributions of oral language and decoding skills.
Page 765-778
Kendeou, Panayiota; van den Broek, Paul; White, Mary Jane; Lynch, Julie S.
Improving classroom learning by collaboratively observing human tutoring videos while problem solving.
Page 779-789
Craig, Scotty D.; Chi, Michelene T. H.; VanLehn, Kurt
Practice enables successful learning under minimal guidance.
Page 790-802
Brunstein, Angela; Betts, Shawn; Anderson, John R.
Getting a handle on learning anatomy with interactive three-dimensional graphics.
Page 803-816
Stull, Andrew T.; Hegarty, Mary; Mayer, Richard E.
Within-school social comparison: How students perceive the standing of their class predicts academic self-concept.
Page 853-866
Trautwein, Ulrich; L├╝dtke, Oliver; Marsh, Herbert W.; Nagy, Gabriel
Intergenerational family predictors of the Black–White achievement gap.
Page 867-878
Mandara, Jelani; Varner, Fatima; Greene, Nereira; Richman, Scott
Pictures and words: Spanish and English vocabulary in classrooms.
Page 897-911
Branum-Martin, Lee; Mehta, Paras D.; Francis, David J.; Foorman, Barbara R.; Cirino, Paul T.; Miller, Jon F.; Iglesias, Aquiles
Teacher–child interactions and children's achievement trajectories across kindergarten and first grade.
Page 912-925
Curby, Timothy W.; Rimm-Kaufman, Sara E.; Ponitz, Claire Cameron
Longitudinal impact of two universal preventive interventions in first grade on educational outcomes in high school.
Page 926-937
Bradshaw, Catherine P.; Zmuda, Jessika H.; Kellam, Sheppard G.; Ialongo, Nicholas S.
A longitudinal analysis of achievement goals: From affective antecedents to emotional effects and achievement outcomes.
Page 948-963
Daniels, Lia M.; Stupnisky, Robert H.; Pekrun, Reinhard; Haynes, Tara L.; Perry, Raymond P.; Newall, Nancy E.
Are SSATS and GPA enough? A theory-based approach to predicting academic success in secondary school.
Page 964-981
Grigorenko, Elena L.; Jarvin, Linda; Diffley III, Ray; Goodyear, Julie; Shanahan, Edward J.; Sternberg, Robert J.

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