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Psychometrika, Vol. 74, Issue 4 - New Issue Alert

Saturday, November 21

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In this issue:
Theory and Methods
Bayesian Model Comparison for the Order Restricted RC Association Model
Author(s)G. Iliopoulos, M. Kateri & I. Ntzoufras
Online sinceMarch 20, 2009
Page561 - 587

Theory and Methods
Locating the Extrema of Fungible Regression Weights
Author(s)Niels G. Waller & Jeff A. Jones
Online sinceOctober 22, 2008
Page589 - 602

A Truncated-Probit Item Response Model for Estimating Psychophysical Thresholds
Author(s)Richard D. Morey, Jeffrey N. Rouder & Paul L. Speckman
Online sinceApril 09, 2009
Page603 - 618

Theory and Methods
When Cognitive Diagnosis Meets Computerized Adaptive Testing: CD-CAT
Author(s)Ying Cheng
Online sinceApril 22, 2009
Page619 - 632

Theory and Methods
Cluster Analysis for Cognitive Diagnosis: Theory and Applications
Author(s)Chia-Yi Chiu, Jeffrey A. Douglas & Xiaodong Li
Online sinceMay 05, 2009
Page633 - 665

Theory and Methods
Joint Procrustes Analysis for Simultaneous Nonsingular Transformation of Component Score and Loading Matrices
Author(s)Kohei Adachi
Online sinceJune 16, 2009
Page667 - 683

Theory and Methods
Clustering Qualitative Data Based on Binary Equivalence Relations: Neighborhood Search Heuristics for the Clique Partitioning Problem
Author(s)Michael J. Brusco & Hans-Friedrich Köhn
Online sinceApril 28, 2009
Page685 - 703

Theory and Methods
Variable Neighborhood Search Heuristics for Selecting a Subset of Variables in Principal Component Analysis
Author(s)Michael J. Brusco, Renu Singh & Douglas Steinley
Online sinceMay 29, 2009
Page705 - 726

Theory and Methods
Using Threshold Autoregressive Models to Study Dyadic Interactions
Author(s)Ellen L. Hamaker, Zhiyong Zhang & Han L. J. van der Maas
Online sinceFebruary 25, 2009
Page727 - 745

Book Review
S.-Y. Lee (2007) Structural Equation Modeling, A Bayesian Approach.
Author(s)Jesús Palomo
Online sinceMay 02, 2009
Page747 - 748

Book Review
H. COLONIUS & E.N. DZHAFAROV (Eds.) (2006) Measurement and Representation of Sensations.
Author(s)Trisha Van Zandt
Online sinceJune 16, 2009
Page749 - 753

Erratum to: Exemplar-Based Clustering via Simulated Annealing
Author(s)Michael J. Brusco & Hans-Friedrich Köhn
Online sinceSeptember 26, 2009
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