Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Request for assistance to develop mental disability interview protocol

With the permission of the author of the reproduced email below, I'm making this as an FYI courtesy post.

Good afternoon,
I’m a fellow at Human Rights Watch and the ACLU and will be documenting the experiences of noncitizens with mental disabilities in US immigration removal proceedings. The advocacy objective of our project is to ensure due process protections for individuals with mental disabilities (including intellectual disabilities, severe mental illness, and various gradations of “capacity”) in their legal proceedings.

As I prepare for my interviews (in detention facilities across the US), I would appreciate any assistance in developing a protocol for interviewing people with mental disabilities and obtaining informed consent for the interview itself. If you have resources, templates or experience you can share with me, please let me know.
Many thanks,
Sarah L. Mehta, Esq.
Aryeh Neier Fellow
Human Rights Watch/American Civil Liberties Union
350 Fifth Ave, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10118-3299
tel: 212-377-9437


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