Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CHC intelligence definitions: "Official" table (for now)

In 1997, as part of a book chapter I wrote for Flanagan et al's 1997 CIA book, I developed a table of Cattell-Horn-Carroll cognitive ability definitions (CHC Theory; back then called Extended Gf-Gc theory), which I extracted from Carroll's (1993) seminal treatise. As described in that chapter, Jack Carroll was gracious enough to review and make suggestions via an iterative back-and-forth process...eventually blessing that 1997 table.

Since then this table of broad and narrow CHC definitions has more-or-less become the "official" set of working definitions and has surfaced in most CHC publications.

Since then I've worked to refine these definitions. Part of the refinement process has been seeking feedback from other professionals. I've recently revised the table as it will be used by all authors in a forthcoming special issue on CHC theory and assessment in a school psychology journal.

Today I'm announcing the latest (and greatest) revision of CHC broad and narrow ability definitions. Consider it a "working list" that will undergoe revision as additional research accumulates and additional feedback is received.

A copy can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.

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