Friday, March 27, 2009

APA PsycCRITIQUES - Volume 54, Issue 12 is now available online

March 25, 2009
Volume 54, Issue 12

Book Reviews
1. Engaging Crystallization in Qualitative Research: An Introduction
Author: Laura L. Ellingson
Reviewer: Karl N. Kelley

2. Reflections on Human Potential: Bridging the Person-Centered Approach and Positive Psychology
Author: Brian E. Levitt (Ed.)
Reviewer: Grant J. Rich

3. Everyday Survival: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things
Author: Laurence Gonzales
Reviewer: Gordon Pitz

4. Exploring Animal Social Networks
Authors: Darren P. Croft, Richard James, and Jens Krause
Reviewer: Thomas R. Zentall

5. Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy: Research We Have, Research We Need
Authors: Mark W. Conley, Joseph R. Freidhoff, Michael B. Sherry, and Steven Forbes Tuckey (Eds.)
Reviewer: Sherri McCarthy

6. Autism: An Integrated View From Neurocognitive, Clinical, and Intervention Research
Authors: Evelyn McGregor, María Núñez, Katie Cebula, and Juan Carlos Gómez (Eds.)
Reviewer: Scott J. Hunter

7. Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women: Success and Sacrifice
Author: Maike Ingrid Philipsen
Reviewer: Patricia L. Wolleat

8. Preventing Boundary Violations in Clinical Practice
Authors: Thomas G. Gutheil and Archie Brodsky
Reviewer: Annie Lee Jones

9. Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices: Mental Health and the Addictions
Authors: John C. Norcross, Thomas P. Hogan, and Gerald P. Koocher
Reviewer: Patrick M. Flynn

Film Review
10. Man on Wire
Director: James Marsh
Reviewer: Marilyn Newman Metzl

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