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Neuropsychology - Volume 23, Issue 2

Subject: Neuropsychology - Volume 23, Issue 2

Volume 23, Issue 2

The neural response to facial attractiveness.
Pages 135-143
Chatterjee, Anjan; Thomas, Amy; Smith, Sabrina E.; Aguirre, Geoffrey K.
Remote semantic memory in patients with Korsakoff's syndrome and herpes encephalitis.
Pages 144-157
Kopelman, Michael D.; Bright, Peter; Fulker, Helena; Hinton, Nicola; Morrison, Amy; Verfaellie, Mieke
Correction to Fortier et al. (2008).
Page 157
Fortier, Catherine Brawn; Steffen, Elizabeth M.; LaFleche, Ginette; Venne, Jonathan R.; Disterhoft, John F.; McGlinchey, Regina E.
Free testosterone levels, attentional control, and processing speed performance in aging men.
Pages 158-167
Martin, Donel M.; Burns, Nicholas R.; Wittert, Gary
Time estimation abilities in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.
Pages 178-188
Rueda, Alicia D.; Schmitter-Edgecombe, Maureen
Norms for change in episodic memory as a prerequisite for the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
Pages 189-200
Bläsi, Stefan; Zehnder, Antoinette E.; Berres, Manfred; Taylor, Kirsten I.; Spiegel, René; Monsch, Andreas U.
Incentive effects on event-based prospective memory performance in children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury.
Pages 201-209
McCauley, Stephen R.; McDaniel, Mark A.; Pedroza, Claudia; Chapman, Sandra B.; Levin, Harvey S.
A large-scale investigation of lateralization in cortical anatomy and word reading: Are there sex differences?
Pages 210-222
Chiarello, Christine; Welcome, Suzanne E.; Halderman, Laura K.; Towler, Stephen; Julagay, Janelle; Otto, Ronald; Leonard, Christiana M.
Anosognosia for motor impairment following left brain damage.
Pages 223-230
Cocchini, Gianna; Beschin, Nicoletta; Cameron, Annette; Fotopoulou, Aikaterini; Della Sala, Sergio
Comparisons of methods for multiple hypothesis testing in neuropsychological research.
Pages 255-264
Blakesley, Richard E.; Mazumdar, Sati; Dew, Mary Amanda; Houck, Patricia R.; Tang, Gong; Reynolds III, Charles F.; Butters, Meryl A.
Contraction of time in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Pages 265-269
Gilden, David L.; Marusich, Laura R.

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