Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IQs Corner Reading Inbox: 3-10-09

As I've lamented before..."so much to read...so little time." I simply can't keep up with the deluge of research publications related to the IQs Corner). The constant stream of intelligence and related literature is like a tsunami.I download PDF articles (constantly) with good intentions...to read them and blog about those I think are important for readers of this blog. Good intentions....but lack of time (and I'm having the same problem with my other blog - IQ Brain Clock)

Today I cleaned out in IQs Corner Reading Inbox on my hard drive. I made some decisions (often difficult) on articles that I will simply file in e-folders. I culled those I had already skimmed and blogged about. This left me with a handful of articles, book chapters, etc. that I want to skim and comment on. But I know I will find another dozen within the week.

Thus....I'm going to start a new feature. I'm not sure it will last...but it is worth a try. This feature is the IQs Corner Reading Inbox. I will add a link section to the blog home page. I will routinely post a link to a PDF file that includes the title, author, and abstract of the "I wish I could read" material. Readers can then skim the manuscripts and see what I'm interested in reading. However, the REAL goal behind this feature is to pique the interest of some readers...so much so that they will ask me for a copy of an article (or two, or.....)...and I will provide a copy in exchange for brief guest blog posts regarding the manuscripts.

Any takers? Please contact me at iap@earthlink.net if you are interested.

In the meantime you may see some posts that are given birth from the list. Today I've posted my first PDF listing of the IQs Corner Reading Inbox (3-10-09).

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