Friday, February 01, 2008

Part II: Beyond the CHC Tipping Point: Back to the Future

I previously posted an on-line copy of a PPT presentation called "Beyond the CHC Tipping Point: Back to the Future." A revised version of this presentation will serve as a brief introduction to my portion of a NASP workshop (next week in New Orleans), together with my colleagues Barb Wendling and Bard Read, focused on CHC referral-focused domain-specific assessments and instructional implications/interventions based on CHC Theory.

Today I've posted the 2nd half of this presentation. Both presentations, together with the brief descriptions provided at the SlideShare site, are below. Enjoy.

Beyond the CHC Tipping Point: Back to the Future-Part 1: An overview of the CHC (Cattell-Horn-Carroll) theory of intelligence within a historical and "waves of interpretation" context. Presents the idea that CHC has reached the "tipping point" in school psychology..and...this is allowing assessment practitioners to realize past attempts to engage in individual strength and weakness interpretation of CHC based test profiles

Beyond the CHC Tipping Point: Back to the Future-Part 11: This is Part 2 to the previously posted "Part I: Beyond the CHC Tipping Point: Back to the Future" This module presents K. McGrew's recent extant CHC COG-ACH correlates research synthesis (see links under "IQ's Corner Information" section on left-side of blog page), with an eye towards helping school assessment professionals better craft referral-focused domain-specific CHC-based psychoeducational assessments. These two modules collectively will serve as the guts of my NASP workshop presentation in New Orleans on Feb 9, 2008. The slides only provide the skeleton of my presentation. You need to see it "live" to benefit from the expert interpretation, embedded comics, great wit and humor, and grand conclusions..and, more importantly, the links to intervention that will be provided by my co-presenters...Barb Wendling and Barb Read. I'm the "set-up" man for the most important part of the be delivered by Barb and Barb.

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