Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IQ's Corner Book Nook reviews 2-20-08

A new issue of PsycCRITIQUES is available online.

February 20, 2008
Volume 53, Issue 8

Book Reviews
1. Listening to Battered Women: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Advocacy, Mental Health, and Justice
Authors: Lisa A. Goodman and Deborah Epstein
Reviewer: Linda Rubin

2. A History of Modern Experimental Psychology: From James and Wundt to Cognitive Science
Author: George Mandler
Reviewer: Susana Urbina

3. “It's Being Done”: Academic Success in Unexpected Schools
Author: Karin Chenoweth
Reviewer: Susan Catapano

4. Creations of the Mind: Theories of Artifacts and Their Representation
Authors: Eric Margolis and Stephen Laurence (Eds.)
Reviewer: William A. Adams

5. Best Practices for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences
Authors: Dana S. Dunn, Randolph A. Smith, and Bernard C. Beins (Eds.)
Reviewer: David S. Kreiner

6. Communicating Gender Diversity: A Critical Approach
Authors: Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco and Catherine Helen Palczewski
Reviewer: Patricia M. Berliner

7. Suicide in Schizophrenia
Authors: Roberto Tatarelli, Maurizio Pompili, and Paolo Girardi (Eds.)
Reviewer: Gitry Heydebrand

8. Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours
Author: Noga Arikha
Reviewer: Simon Boag

9. Treating Gambling Problems
Authors: William G. McCown and William A. Howatt
Reviewer: Leslie M. Lothstein

10. Homo Domesticus: Notes From a Same-Sex Marriage
Author: David Valdes Greenwood
Reviewer: Julio Rique

11. Humanising Psychiatry and Mental Health Care: The Challenge of the Person-Centred Approach
Author: Rachel Freeth
Reviewer: Nancy L. Murdock

12. Drinking and Sobriety Among the Lakota Sioux
Author: Beatrice Medicine
Reviewer: Matthew Taylor

13. Handbook of Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy With Children and Adolescents: Specific Settings and Presenting Problems
Authors: Ray W. Christner, Jessica L. Stewart, and Arthur Freeman (Eds.)
Reviewer: Rosemary Flanagan

14. Childhood Autism: A Clinician's Guide to Early Diagnosis and Integrated Treatment
Authors: Jennifer Hillman and Stephen Snyder
Reviewer: Brooke Ingersoll

15. Marking Short Lives: Constructing and Sharing Rituals Following Pregnancy Loss
Author: Ewan R. Kelly
Reviewer: Michele Hoffnung

Film Review
16. Walk the Talk
Director: Matthew Allen
Reviewer: Kathleen E. Cook

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