Monday, October 16, 2006

Random tidbits from today's mind and brain blogsphere 10-16-06

  • Affective Teaching has some good stuff regarding peoples perceptions/beliefs about intelligence (entity vs incremental theories of intelligence/ability). The Mouse Trap also picked up on this post and has added some additional thoughts and information.
  • Chris Chatman (Developing Intelligence) continues his informative and thought-provoking blog thread regarding the acquisition of language. His most recent post deals with the issue of domain (language)-specific vs domain-general aquisition mechanisms.
  • Thanks to Mind Hacks for the tip regarding the thoughts of several cognitive scientists (from recent Future of Science conference) regarding the future of science.
  • Thanks to Omni Brain for the tip regarding the availability of an on-line visual field test, a typical part of any comprehensive neuropsychological or visual exam.

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