Thursday, October 26, 2006

IQs Corner suggeston box is open

To date I, as the IQs Corner blog dictator, have been posting information that I think is exciting, informative, etc. There have been a number of guest bloggers (click here for example) who have provided additional material. I'd like to make this blog useful to a wide variety of professionals and scholars who have an interest intelligence theories and testing.

If anyone has ideas for material I should be paying attention to (articles, researchers, web pages, other blogs, etc.), ideas for posts, self-nominations for guest posts by yourself, etc., please drop me a note in the blog "comment" feature or, email me at

Also...if you haven't checked out my new sister blog (Tick Tock Talk: The IQ Brain Clock), maybe this is the "time." I've been posting most of the neuroscience and brain-based research I find interesting in this new little personal sand box.

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