Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brain boss (prefrontal cortex) acts in step-wise manner ?

Without a doubt, the prefrontal cortex has been a very hot area of research the past few years. As most blog readers know by now, the prefrontal cortex is often considerd the "brain boss" and helps with the coordination of complex cognitive processing via executive functioning. Now there is research that suggests that the PFC may become activated in a step-wise sequential/hierarchical manner as a function of the complexity of problems presented. See news article summary from Scientific American blog.

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Anonymous said...

This theory is at the heart of Jeff Hawkins' "On intelligence" (2005). I wonder why intelligence researchers have ignored it (so far). Neuroscientists of reputation (e.g. Kandel) love it. Hawkins defines intelligence as the capacity for accurate foresight/the ability to predict.

Kevin McGrew said...

Thanks for the tip. Can you provide more information on the Hawkin's 2005 reference. Is it a journal article or a book?

Anonymous said...