Thursday, February 23, 2006

SAT scores predict more than expected for top stops

Hat tip to the Science Blog for the post re: recent research suggesting that extremely high SAT scores may have strong relations to success beyond typical college outcome measures. Below is the link and a brief intro blurb from the post....(go to the site to read more)

SAT Gauges More Than Collegiate Success

"On February 13, high-school juniors and seniors were able to access their January 2006 SAT scores through the College Board website. The test is an important step toward gaining college acceptance. But new research shows that the test may go far beyond predicting college success; when taken in the early teens, it may actually foretell a person’s success and life satisfaction after university."

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Anonymous said...

The commenter above may not be aware of research which compares SATs in low SES white students with high SES black students, showing no significant SES effects.

Nathan Brody hardly caught Lubinski, rather he falsely accused him of an elementary mistake which Lubinski did not make. This indicates a lack of perspicacity on Brody's part, and perhaps a hidden agenda as well.

Clearly SES and intelligence interact in a bi-directional manner. Given the high correlation of SAT scores and IQ, one suspects the same two way interaction applies.