Saturday, February 18, 2006

Math (Gq) ach and teachers gestures - Gv related?

Interesting post re: teacher's use of gestures and children's math performance over on the DI bog.

Gestures and Mathematical Performance

".....In Susan Goldin-Meadow's recent study with 160 elementary schoolers, kids performed far better on a series of math questions when their teachers instructions included specific meaningful hand gestures, as compared to other groups who received only abstract or no hand gestures."

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Unknown said...

Kevin -

I think that this is an interesting finding, and I guess it highlights some deeper issues. Namely, my thought has been that the reason that Gv does not appear to predict any academic skills well is that the educational system as a whole is severely lacking in instructing children via a Gv approach, even though they love to tout the term "multimodal instruction"......