Monday, February 20, 2006

IQs Corner linked to Wikipedia

Wow.......someone things that this humble blog has something important to say. I just discovered that someone has added this blog as a useful resource (external link section) under the "Intelligence(trait)" entry in Wikipedia, the largest (I believe) on-line free open-source internet encyclopedia. Thanks to whomever did this. The pressure is now on. [Note....I was not the one to add this entry to this source].

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I want to add it to google reader ( so that I can see whenever there's a new entry, but you don't have an RSS or XML link on your page like most blogs. Why? I guessed that the XML might be and that seemed to pull up into google reader your entries, but still wouldn't let me subscribe. The bloglines URL didn't pull up anything. What gives? I figured you would make it a little bit easier for people to read your blog everyday who want to. :-) Your blog is the only one so far to give me such trouble.

Still a fan,
-- Daniel

Kevin McGrew said...

Daniel. Thanks for your comments. The bloglines button on my page works when I try it. But, I decided to attempt to add a few other RSS feed buttons for people who may use other services. I'm pretty much a novice at HTML code, so it may not look perfect. I added Google Reader (as you mentioned) and one from My Yahoo. Hopefully this will help.