Sunday, February 05, 2006

More popular press Flynn Effect coverage

By IQ scores, kids smarter these days

    — If judged solely by their IQ scores, today’s kids are smarter than
    any generation since testing began — so smart that many of their
    great-grandparents would have been found mentally deficient by today’s
    standards..... URL above to read.

However, take the article with a hugh grain of salt. As I reported at last Decembers ISIR conference, new research (with more comprehensive measures of intelligence and more sophisticated statistical methodology) is suggesting that the Flynn Effect may have stopped and may be only occuring on very narrow abilities. The paper ISIR presented by Jelte Wicherts et al was clearly one of the presentations that caught the attention of the serious intelligence scholars who published in the rarified air of the journal Intelligence. Word from the invisible university network is that a new round of critical arguements for, and against, the Flynn Effect are bubbling among the major players. Stay tunned. It is going to get interesting.

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