Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fourth Spearman Conference Presentations available

FYI - The Fourth Spearman Conference (“Diagnostics for Education: Theory, Measurement, Applications,”) was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on October 20-23, 2004.

By clicking here blogsters can visit a page and click and view/download the presentations "as is." Below is a list of the presenations for which material has been posted.
  • Aldrich, Clark, Educational Simulations - Simulation; Games; and Pedagogy
  • Flanagan, Dawn P., The Role of IQ Tests in LD Identification
  • Graesser, Ozuru, Rowe and Floyd, Enhancing the Landscape and Quality of Multiple Choice Questions
  • Graf, Steffen, Peterson, Saldivia and Wang, Designing and Revising Quantitative Item Models
  • Hunt, Earl, Patterns of Thought
  • Matthews, Gerald, Picking a Bone with Spearman: A Contrary View of Mental Energy and Attention
  • Misley, Robert J., Cognitive Diagnosis as Evidentiary Argument
  • Pennebaker, James W., What Our Words Say About Us
  • Sabatini, John, Critical Issues in Aligning Psychometrics with Current Reading Models
  • Stout, William, The Reparameterized Unified Model Skills Diagnostic System
  • Swanson, H. Lee, Memory and Learning Disabilities: Historical Perspective and Current Status
  • van der Linden, Wim J., Statistical Models for Diagnosis: A Discussion
  • VanLehn, Kurt, The Andes Intelligent Tutoring System: Lessons Learned about Assessment
  • von Davier, Mattias and Yamamoto, Kentaro, A Class of Models for Cognitive Diagnosis
  • Wiliam, Dylan, From Diagnosis to Action: Toward Instructionally Tractable Assessment
  • Wilson, Mark, Cognitive Diagnosis using Explanatory Item Response Models
  • Wittmann, Werner W., Brunswik-Symmetry: A Key Concept for Successful Assessment in Education and Elsewhere


Anonymous said...

This link no longer seems to work. I'm coming a bit late to these postings (busy busy busy) and fear that I missed out on something good. Is there an updated link? Has some kind soul archived this info and willing to share?

Great Blog!


Kevin McGrew said...

Sorry....the link problem was on my end. I thought for sure it was working. Check it out now.