Thursday, May 19, 2005

Accessible Reading Assessments workshop

FYI - Registration for NCEO's National Accessible Reading Assessments Topical Clinic (at CCSSO's annual National Conference on Large Scale Assessment) are now being taken.

The descriptive blurb (from the NCEO web page) is reproduced below

  • "How can we ensure that our state reading assessments accurately reflect what ALL students know and are able to do, even those students with disabilities that affect reading? Accessible reading assessments that produce reading scores for all students are an essential part of inclusive accountability systems. Participants will engage in detective work to build understanding of how to best assess students with disabilities that affect reading. The National Accessible Reading Assessment Projects' definition of reading proficiency will serve as a set of clues for participants. With the assistance of NCEO's crack team of detectives (a.k.a. researchers), participants will be asked to think in and outside of the box to begin to unlock these mysteries!"

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