Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Berlin BIS model of intelligence--material to review

I previously suggested that American intelligence scholars need to pay more attention to the Berlin BIS facted model of intelligence and how it can interface with CHC theory (see March 28, 2005 post). In a response to my recent post ("g, working memory, specific CHC abilities and achievement"), Werner Wittmann extends this recommendation and, more importantly, directs IQ blogsters to a number of on-line papers and PowerPoint presentations.

For those who did not notice Werner's comment, below are the links he provided
  • 2004 PowerPoint presented APS in Atlanta - deals with working memory, intelligence and Phil Ackerman's PPIK-theory under a Brunswik symmetry perspective. [Editorial note - I'm a big fan of Ackerman's PPIK theory, particularly his work on aptitude-trait complexes, which follow's in the footsteps of Richard Snow's work on aptitudes.]
Thanks to Werner for being an active reader and FYI contributor to this blog.

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