Sunday, November 05, 2017

Wig (2017, in press)-Segregated Systems of Human Brain Networks

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This is an excellent and thought provoking brain network review that addresses the push-pull between optimal (and necessary) brain network segregation and more transient and fluid integration “on demand” to meet new task demands. Excellent summary.


The organization of the brain network enables its function. Evaluation of this
organization has revealed that large-scale brain networks consist of multiple segregated subnetworks of interacting brain areas. Descriptions of resting state network architecture have provided clues for understanding the functional significance of these segregated subnetworks, many of which corre-
spond to distinct brain systems. The present report synthesizes accumulating evidence to reveal how maintaining segregated brain systems renders the human brain network functionally specialized, adaptable to task demands, and largely resilient following focal brain damage. The organizational properties that support system segregation are harmonious with the properties that promote integration across the network, but confer unique and importantfeatures to the brain network that are central to its function and behavior.

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