Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beyond CHC: Very preliminary and evolving model

I am just going to throw this evolving Gv-based working model "out there" for review. I believe that if a figure is well done it should be understandable to others with baseline knowledge in the area of study. So, this is being presented "as is" with little explanatory text. The model is an ongoing attempt to integrate psychometric based CHC constructs with information processing models. I have an increasing interest in the role of attentional control in "cognitive performance"--not to be confused with cognitive "ability" or "intelligence."
If you are interested and want more background, check IQ's Corner blog for links to two recent chapters I wrote with the brilliant Dr. Joel Schneider. The actual PPT for this slide has the read and blue "activated" concepts bouncing around inside the "focus of attention", and sometimes going beyond the boundaries---when internal and external distractions disrupt focused controlled attention.
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