Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Nebraska football team developing 10-minute concussion test [feedly]

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Nebraska football team developing 10-minute concussion test

concussion_capNebraska to study concussions (ESPN):

"…the day is coming when a football player who takes a hit to the head will come to the sideline, take off his helmet and slip on an electrode-covered mesh cap…The team's medical staff will analyze the player's brain waves on the spot and determine within minutes whether he can safely return to the game or whether he has sustained a concussion and, if so, how severe.

"There's no question it's going to move the dial forward," NCAA chief medical officer Brian Hainline said. "The big, hoped-for dream would be, let's have a biomarker in brain imaging. If you're to the left of that, you're safe; if you're to the right of it, you're not. That's probably a few years out. But functional brain imaging and blood flow are going to be a very important part of that."

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