Thursday, May 12, 2011

More on Ga (aud.processing) as the adolescent butterfly at the CHC ball: Phoneme segmentation tasks

In a prior post I made the case that the CHC domain of Ga (auditory processing) is a domain that has not been investigated as much as other CHC domains (e.g., Gf, Gc, Gv), but there has been an explosion of Ga-related research from many disciplines during the past decade. Drawing on Earl Hunt's characterization of Gc as the "wallflower" ability (not a sexy domain to study when compared to Gf), I called Ga the adolescent social butterfly at the CHC ball.

Here is yet another Ga related article, this one from the European Journal of Psychological Assessment [Those measurement people in the Netherlands do top notch cutting edge psychometric research]. The article investigates the abilities involved in Ga phoneme segmentation tasks. I have drawn (excuse the bad artwork---I am convinced I have been dysgraphic since childhood) a crude causal model of the essence of the article.

The article can be viewed with annotated comments as per the IQ's Reading feature of this blog. Click here to view.

The primary purpose of this post is to help practitioners understand what phoneme segmentation tasks may measure and how important they may be for the assessment of children with reading problems. The secondary purpose is to demonstrate how, if one knows CHC theory well, relatively easy it is to interpret non-CHC based research (and measures used) from the lens of CHC---using your CHC-as-a-second-language abilities.

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