Friday, October 15, 2010

IQs Readings: New feature - first focusing on article on dyslexia

I have become a huge fan of my new iPad. With the aid of the GoodReader app, I can read journal articles in PDF form. In the past, I have typically cut-and-pasted text from PDF files into a file, added my comments, then pasted into a blog editor to post as a new post.

Today I am trying something new. I just read the following article by Gabrieli (2009) Dyslexia: A New Synergy Between Education and Cognitive Neuroscience. Rather than doing the above multiple-step process, this time I annotated my thoughts as I read the article directly in the PDF file. I have highlighted text that I found interesting and important. More exciting, IMHO, is that I also inserted comment icons when I wanted to "add value" via my thoughts and commentary. Most PDF readers should allow readers to click or hover over these icons and see what I have written. I then upload the annotated PDF file to my server directly from an FTP file transfer program embedded within the GoodReader program. It is amazing.

I then exit GoodReader and open up my Blog Press iPad app, which I am writing within at this moment. I write all the above text, can insert some formatting, and can now provide a URL link to the article I annotated (click here).

Bingo...instant blog commentary from IQ's Corner embedded in the reading, rather than in a lengthy message post. Much more efficient for me.

I'm very interested in what readers thing of this new feature. I like it as it makes it much easier for me to read something and instantly share my thoughts, critique, etc. I need to know if readers can see my comments in the comment icons.

I can also go to a free web page that generates technorati tags and enter keywords and it generates the HTML code which I then copy and paste below. Bingo.

PS - I am aware of the warnings on the first page that the article I read is for personal use only and should not be used for commercial purposes. Within the blogosphere and educational circles there is the doctrine of "fair use", particularly if a person "adds value" to the reading...which I believe I am doing here. I believe most readers of my blog are aware of my educational intentions. Yes, there are two commercial ads on this blog, but they barely purchase more than some computer paper and ink cartridges during the year. If necessary, I will discontinue the add it really is not an income producer.

I love technology. I am now hooked on my iPad.

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Scott said...

I attempted to view the pdf from my Droid phone and while I could see the highlighting I couldn't see the notes imbedded in the article. Overall, the idea is excellent. I really like the idea of being able to save a pdf with notes imbedded in it ( I'm very pro digital heh ). Hopefully the Adobe app for the Droid will get updated with improved functionality.