Friday, May 13, 2011

CHC narrow ability assessment with the WJ III battery: IAP Applied Psychometrics 101 #12

I am pleased to release the following working paper:  IAP Applied Psychometrics 101 #12:  CHC Narrow Ability Assessment with the WJ III Battery.

Below is the abstract:

  • Recently, a special issue of Psychology in the Schools (PITS) “took stock” of the past 20 years of CHC research (Newton & McGrew, 2010). In this special issue McGrew and Wendling (2010) reviewed the extant CHC cognitive-achievement relations research and concluded that “[T]he primary action is at the narrow ability level” (p, 669).   McGrew and Wendling concluded if the goal is to better understand, assess, and develop interventions for subareas of reading (e.g., phonics, comprehension) and math (e.g., calculation, problem-solving), narrow is better.  Broad (stratum II) CHC abilities (e.g., Fluid Reasoning-Gf; Auditory Processing-Ga) best predict and explain broad academic domains (e.g., total or broad reading).  However, narrow (stratum I) abilities best predict and explain narrow academic domains (e.g., reading comprehension).
  • The purpose of this working paper is to present a list of (a) WJ III test-author provided norm-based narrow CHC ability clusters and (b) additional clinical narrow clusters (not provided by the test authors in the published WJ III).  A secondary purpose is to list possible supplemental tests or composites from other major intelligence or achievement batteries that might be used to supplement the listed WJ III narrow ability clusters.  

This document resulted from two recent presentations where I summarized contemporary research that investigated the relations between broad and narrow CHC abilities and reading and math achievement.  Audience participants, especially at the Georgia School Psychology Association conference, suggested I needed to develop a summary table of the guts of my WJ III related material.  This report is the promised "deliverable" to those folks.  Thanks school psychologists in Georgia.  The report has some bonus features (e.g., Schenider & McGrew, in press, CHC v2.0 model and definitions--to be published this fall in Flanagan & Harrison's 3rd Edition of Contemporary Intellectual Assessment).  This bonus feature is an abridged set of definitions and the reader is encouraged to read the complete chapter when published for much more detail.

Feedback is appreciated as this is a work in progress.  I would like any feedback/comments to occur on the CHC listserv (n=1282 and growing), as the allows for a more dynamic exchange of ideas than does the comment feature of the blog platform.

Thanks.  Enjoy.

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