Sunday, May 01, 2011

IQ's Reading: Support for speed of reasoning ability (Carroll's RE; Horn's CDS)

Article "in press" in Intelligence by Goldhammer et al. that provides support for a speed of reasoning factor. I have provided additional comments in the article via the IQ's Readings blog feature.

No major individual intelligence battery appears to measure this construct. We the authors of the WJ III (conflict of interest disclosure--I am coauthor of the WJ III) intended our Decision Speed test to represent some of this ability. To date we have not been able to demonstrate validity evidence for this interpretation. This may be due to two factors. First, all post-WJ III analyses I have completed have found the DS test to covary with the Retrieval Fluency and Rapid Picture Naming tests. RF and RPN covary very strong....and I have interpreted this as reflecting the narrow ability of NA (naming facility) or what is often called RAN, but which I prefer to call "speed of lexical access" as per the reading research of Perfetti. The DS test tends to "hang out" with these two other tests and appears to tap this speed of lexical access ability to some degree, most likely due to the need for examinee's to quickly access the meaning of the common objects before deciding which two are the same conceptually.

The other possibility that the DS test may measure some RE variance but this has not been possible to validate due to the lack of other valid RE indicators in the WJ III collection of tests analyzed.

Anyone looking for a good thesis/dissertation? I could envision a study which tests administered that allow for the specification of perceptual speed (P), speed of lexical access (NA), and speed of reasoning (RE) factors that also includes the WJ III RF, RPN and DS tests.

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