Thursday, May 27, 2010

iPost: Where am I? Special issue on spatial abilities (Gv)

Special issue on spatial abilities, spatial memory, etc

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Volume 36, Issue 3

Chunking in spatial memory.
Page 576-589
Sargent, Jesse; Dopkins, Stephen; Philbeck, John; Chichka, David
A category adjustment approach to memory for spatial location in natural scenes.
Page 590-604
Holden, Mark P.; Curby, Kim M.; Newcombe, Nora S.; Shipley, Thomas F.
Probabilistic cuing in large-scale environmental search.
Page 605-618
Smith, Alastair D.; Hood, Bruce M.; Gilchrist, Iain D.
Mental space travel: Damage to posterior parietal cortex prevents egocentric navigation and reexperiencing of remote spatial memories.
Page 619-634
Ciaramelli, Elisa; Rosenbaum, R. Shayna; Solcz, Stephanie; Levine, Brian; Moscovitch, Morris
Multiple systems of spatial memory: Evidence from described scenes.
Page 635-645
Avraamides, Marios N.; Kelly, Jonathan W.
Language and spatial reorientation: Evidence from severe aphasia.
Page 646-658
Bek, Judith; Blades, Mark; Siegal, Michael; Varley, Rosemary
The production effect: Delineation of a phenomenon.
Page 671-685
MacLeod, Colin M.; Gopie, Nigel; Hourihan, Kathleen L.; Neary, Karen R.; Ozubko, Jason D.
Remembering in contradictory minds: Disjunction fallacies in episodic memory.
Page 711-735
Brainerd, C. J.; Reyna, V. F.; Aydin, C.
Focal/nonfocal cue effects in prospective memory: Monitoring difficulty or different retrieval processes?
Page 736-749
Scullin, Michael K.; McDaniel, Mark A.; Shelton, Jill T.; Lee, Ji Hae
Semantics does not need a processing license from syntax in reading Chinese.
Page 765-781
Zhang, Yaxu; Yu, Jing; Boland, Julie E.
Evidence for distributivity effects in comprehension.
Page 782-789
Patson, Nikole D.; Warren, Tessa
Searching for Judy: How small mysteries affect narrative processes and memory.
Page 790-796
Love, Jessica; McKoon, Gail; Gerrig, Richard J.
Regulatory fit and systematic exploration in a dynamic decision-making environment.
Page 797-804
Otto, A. Ross; Markman, Arthur B.; Gureckis, Todd M.; Love, Bradley C.
Correction to Klauer et al. (2010).
Page 804
Klauer, Karl Christoph; Beller, Sieghard; Hütter, Mandy
Relations between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.
Page 805-812
Heit, Evan; Rotello, Caren M.
Correction to Son (2010).
Page 812
Son, Lisa K.
The relationships of working memory, secondary memory, and general fluid intelligence: Working memory is special.
Page 813-820
Shelton, Jill Talley; Elliott, Emily M.; Matthews, Russell A.; Hill, B. D.; Gouvier, Wm. Drew
A vowel is a vowel: Generalizing newly learned phonotactic constraints to new contexts.
Page 821-828
Chambers, Kyle E.; Onishi, Kristine H.; Fisher, Cynthia

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