Thursday, May 27, 2010

iPost: Adapting psych instruments to other languages: Master plans good idea

The adaptation of assessment instruments to the various European languages.
By Schweizer, Karl
European Journal of Psychological Assessment, Vol 26(2), 2010, 75-76.
The peoples of Europe use many languages for communication. This variety of languages is, on the one hand, advantageous for the expression of local specialties and peculiarities; but there are also disadvantages. One of them is the restriction on the applicability of psychological measures since psychological assessment by means of questionnaires, tests, and other assessment instruments can only be accomplished by taking the clients' linguistic capabilities into account. As a consequence, measures have to be developed and validated separately for each and every European language. The development and validation of measures can be achieved in two ways: They can be developed according to one master plan or by following quite different routes. Fortunately, there is presently the tendency to accept major theoretical developments and related measures as master plans and to transfer such measures from the original language into other languages. This makes it possible that many scientists concentrate their research efforts on key concepts and theories. 

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