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iPost: Psychological Review - Volume 117, Issue 2

Psychological Review

Volume 117, Issue 2

CRISP: A computational model of fixation durations in scene viewing.
Page 382-405
Nuthmann, Antje; Smith, Tim J.; Engbert, Ralf; Henderson, John M.
Construal-level theory of psychological distance.
Page 440-463
Trope, Yaacov; Liberman, Nira
Grasping the affordances, understanding the reasoning: Toward a dialectical theory of human tool use.
Page 517-540
Osiurak, Fran├žois; Jarry, Christophe; Le Gall, Didier
The interpersonal theory of suicide.
Page 575-600
Van Orden, Kimberly A.; Witte, Tracy K.; Cukrowicz, Kelly C.; Braithwaite, Scott R.; Selby, Edward A.; Joiner, Thomas E., Jr.
The intrapsychics of gender: A model of self-socialization.
Page 601-622
Tobin, Desiree D.; Menon, Meenakshi; Menon, Madhavi; Spatta, Brooke C.; Hodges, Ernest V. E.; Perry, David G.
Borderline personality disorder: A dysregulation of the endogenous opioid system?
Page 623-636
Bandelow, Borwin; Schmahl, Christian; Falkai, Peter; Wedekind, Dirk
Visual spatial attention to multiple locations at once: The jury is still out.
Page 637-682
Jans, Bert; Peters, Judith C.; De Weerd, Peter
Postscript: Split spatial attention? The data remain difficult to interpret.
Page 682-684
Jans, Bert; Peters, Judith C.; De Weerd, Peter
Occurrence and nonoccurrence of random sequences: Comment on Hahn and Warren (2009).
Page 697-703
Sun, Yanlong; Tweney, Ryan D.; Wang, Hongbin
Postscript: Untangling the gambler's fallacy.
Page 704-705
Sun, Yanlong; Tweney, Ryan D.; Wang, Hongbin

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