Wednesday, May 05, 2010

AAIDD Death Penalty Task Force: Conflict of interest disclosure

I was recently asked (and accepted) to be a member of the AAIDD Death Penalty Task Force to address issues regarding Atkins MR/ID death penalty cases.  I want to thank the AAIDD members for the privilege. 

This is a conflict of interest disclosure note. 

  • Any comments or posts at  IQ's Corner or the ICDP blog do not represent the views or opinions of the AAIDD Death Penalty Task Force
  • I will not post any AAIDD Death Penalty Task Force internal communications at my two blogs.  Any task force information that is made public will be posted here as an FYI post with a URL to the appropriate AAIDD web resource. 
  • If the AAIDD DP TF asks me to disseminate information via my blogs, such posts will be clearly labeled.
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1 comment:

Bryan said...

Congrats! You seem like the perfect expert for the task force.

For what it's worth, whether a US state executes people (1) or not (0) correlates -.37 with State IQ!