Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tiger Woods Masters Ability IQ scores within his "zone" (band): Real world example of SEM

After two rounds at the Masters, Tiger Woods first two scores are within expectations based on his prior 13 years of Round 1 and 2 scores.  Based on his prior 52 rounds (the first two rounds of each year over 13 prior years), I had previously calculated his "true" Masters Golf Ability (IQ) to be 70 with a standard error of measurement (SEM) of 3 points.  This means, based on psychometric theory and the importance of understanding the concept of SEM, going into this years tourney we could be 68% confident that his first two round scores would range somewhere between 67 and 73.  He shot a 68 and 70....well within his Masters Golf Ability 68% SEM.  You gotta love good stats and psychometrics!

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about SEM and its importance in psychological testing (using Masters golf performance as a real world example), click here to visit prior blog post and be sure to read the entire report that is mentioned (click on the report URL).

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