Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beyond CHC: Pushing the edge of the CHC and WJ III envelope--the grand model

The grand unveiling!!!!!!! This is a follow-up to my "Beyond CHC: Pushing the edge of the CHC and WJ III envelop" project. I urge (require, demand?) you to read the prior explanation and view the PPT slides/PDF files previously posted. They provide the necessary background re: the nature of this project.

As a result of all the analysis summarized in the above information, today I'm taking a risk and publishing, without explanation (it would take pages and pages of text) the grand WJ III CHC+ interpretation scheme that I've iterated to. An image of the grand scheme is below.....simply to catch your attention. You can see a much larger and clearer version of the proposed/hypothesized interpretation system by clicking here (PDF file).

I do hope to explain the logic, rationale, data, hypotheses behind the components of this document over time...maybe through a series of blog posts. To wait until I have written everything will simply keep this baby from being born....and, I am anxious to receive feedback.

I hope it makes sense. Please be sure to read the material I mentioned above as it provides the proper context of this proposed interpretative framework. This framework is offered in the spirit of a hypothesized model that is "under construction" and needs further study with proper methods.

I would suggest channeling any discussion to the CHC listserv.

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